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Archival Photo research -

The National Archives holds hundreds of thousands of photographic images, many of them royalty-free.  These images can be either copied using a laptop -scanner combination or photographed.  Transparency or negative 35 mm film can also be copied using a professional Nikon LS5000 film scanner. 4"x 5" format negatives can also be scanned using a special scanner setup.

While I am searching through images, I can use a smart phone camera to photograph and  email samples of these to the client in real time.  While such photographs are not designed to be used as a final product, they can be instrumental in choosing the responsive images.


High-resolution images can be either burned to a CD or DVD or uploaded to a website.  In the case that a client wishes to see the images before the are uploaded or burned to a disc, a lower-resolution website can be quickly published for viewing and picking.


I charge $290.00 per day.  If the work requires a lot of additional time at home in the evening, this will have to be negotiated.  All copying media, such as photocopy paper, CDs, DVDs and Mini-DVs are paid for by the client.

Jeremy Bigwood, 3200 16th St. NW #806, Washington, D.C. 20010 USA (202) 361-5000