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Event Photography

I photograph press conferences, news events, embassy receptions, weddings etc. in the Washington, DC area with high-resolution Nikon D90 digital cameras.

Images can be e-mailed or uploaded to any Internet address -- within hours or even minutes of the "shoot" -- depending on the quantity and resolution of the images and their processing time.

I offer the competitive rate of $100.00 per hour making images or $700.00 per day. The client may be unaware of it, but for every hour of making images there are usually one to two hours of adjustment, processing, website creating and posting, and burning CDs or DVDs. The client only pays for the time actually taking pictures.

Images can be made in either color or B&W, up to 3872 x 2592 pixels -- high resolution (15.8 MB NEF RAW images/ 28.7 MB TIF images/ 4.8 MB JPG images) -- or lower resolution (less than 1 MB JPGs) for commercial printing.  I recommend photographing in color and then converting to B&W if the latter is desired.

After shooting and editing I usually place a client's images on a "hidden website" - an unlisted URL - available only to those who have access to the page's Internet address.

If the client needs to use these images immediately, he or she can rapidly view all of the images on the website, pick the desired images, email or telephone me, and I can quickly send the chosen image high resolution via e-mail or post it to a website for FTP download. 

Client pays for taxi transportation.  I charge extra for CDs and DVDs.  Prints can be ordered through the unlisted or listed website.

Jeremy Bigwood, 3200 16th St. NW #806, Washington, D.C. 20010 USA (202) 361-5000