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Research at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA and NARA II)

I research all media at the National Archives in both their  NARA II, College Park, Maryland facility and in their main building in Washington, DC.

I usually work for news media outlets or academics, but will consider all offers.

The National Archives contains historical records in  the form of various media. My output -- the product I produce - depends on the media the client is interested in.  Please click on the type of media that you would like researched:

Documents - Cables, memos, letters and other written records. All of these are royalty-free public records.

Photo research - Prints, negatives and transparencies.  NARA archives both royalty-free collections as well as copyrighted ones.

Motion picture films - Old movies and documentaries in various formats, with and without sound.  Many of these are royalty-free.

Microfilms - The National Archives has an extensive microfilm collection of  documents that are usually unavailable for perusal as hard copies. These are entirely royalty free public documents.

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Jeremy Bigwood, 3200 16th St. NW #806, Washington, D.C. 20010 USA (202) 361-5000